Maternal-Neonatal Health Care and Family Planning (Mamota) Project


TERMS OF REFERENCE: Mamota Video Documentation

Period of Work:  Nov 25-Dec 25, 2018

Estimated Days: 1 month

Bangladesh progressed significantly in many of the development arena especially in health and committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through universal health coverage. Despite of the achievement in health a substantial inequity persists in health care accessibility and availability. Some areas are very much lagged behind than others; Sylhet is one of them. Facility readiness, chronic vacancies of health workforce and disrupted supply chain system along with difficult to reach in the facilities are more common in Sylhet.

Save the Children is working with MOHFW platform and based on the experiences of phase I Mamota project set a very good foundation to scale it up in phase 2 to ensure accessibility of quality maternal-neonatal and accelerate family planning services at the facility and community level and will create the vigorous awareness among significant and influential groups.

The objective of the video is:

  • To capture certain successful initiatives of Mamota Project that are having or will have positive impacts in improving the country’s health systems and health outcomes of the mothers and new-born.
  • To generate evidence of Mamota Project’s excellent work in the areas of maternal health, child health and family planning.
  • To engage appropriate audiences through the video and inform them of Mamota’s work and increase the project’s visibility.

Target Audience:

  • Government Bodies
  • Journalists
  • Affected Families
  • Development Organizations
  • Academics
  • Policy makers (Government ministries and departments officials)
  • Donors, partners and development organizations including UN agencies and INGOs
  • Global networks and organizations
  • Media
  • Communities
  • General people

Duration of Video:
The video documentary will have a length of 5-7 minutes. However, depending on the context the length of the video will change.

Save the Children Deliverables
Save the Children will provide necessary information to the agency such as project documents/briefs (English) and necessary statistics as and when required. Save the Children will also arrange schedules for interviews of its own staff and beneficiaries.
Scope of Work

  • Attend the briefing meeting, and review existing print and digital materials to get an understanding about the key objective of Mamota project.
  • Submit a detailed work plan with the time frame to Save the Children for review and approval.
  • Develop and finalize story line and scripts based on the outcomes of inception meeting and review of project materials.
  • Prepare shooting plan and get approval from Save the Children and shoot as per the approved script.
  • Attend meeting organized by senior official of Mamota project and update about the progress of the assignment.
  • As per the requirement, conduct interview with the service providers, local government, other key stakeholders, beneficiaries etc.
  • Cut‐edit and submit the first version of the documentary to the Save the Children for feedback.
  • Produce the final version based on Save the Children’s feedback
  • All associated costs related to the videos such travel, accommodation, food, miscellaneous and etc. will be borne by the party. Save the Children will not be responsible for any additional costs other than the Consultancy Fees.
  • In terms of any disapproval of the footages, there will be possibility of a re‐shoot done by the party.
  • The agency would consult the relevant documents and materials/publications to be supplied by the project to form a clear-cut idea about the issues in global, national and local perspective;
  • Visit the field and talk to the field staff, relevant government health department officials, local government representatives and members of the community and other stakeholders as deemed necessary to understand how the project works in the field, especially the interventions the video documentaries would be focusing on. The Project will support in selecting and organizing the field and interviewees.
  • Develop draft scripts on the selected issues and get feedback from assigned project staff and finalize them by incorporating the observations.
  • Develop a detailed plan for the most cost-effective use of resources in relation to carrying out shooting (there would be some common shooting spots for some of the documentaries) in consultation with project staff.
  • Obtain all necessary approvals from GOB as and where required;
  • An initial line-up has to be shared and necessary corrections made before finalizing the videos;

Support to be Provided to Consultant

  • Establish and facilitate contact with field staff involved and any external contacts needed;
  • Coordinate with project staff for the field visits to set appointments, identify content, and capture the footage;
  • Review and approve the work plan, including schedule for filming, timeframe and approach to be used;
  • Provide reference material;
  • Review and approve the draft and final production as stipulated in the deliverables section of contract.
  • May provide support in finding accommodation or any other local support
  • Provide necessary information/publications/materials to the agency as and when required;
  • Support or organize interviews especially with high government officials based in Dhaka; 
  • SIC will also provide technical assistance in terms of clarifying issues and subjects relevant to the making of the documentaries.

Key Deliverables:

  • To deliver 1 comprehensive documentary reflecting the above mentioned objectives of about 5-7 minutes in length, with voice over versions.
  • To deliver a script based on the project information provided below. The script will have a detailed sketched story board and a financial proposal to execute the story board.
  • To finalize the subtitles and approve it through Save the Children prior to using it.
  • Raw footage of the videos is to be handed over to Save the Children

Description of the products:
The video will highlight Mamota project’s work in the following topics:

  • renovation and upgradation
  • local government engagement and mobilization
  • the existing human resource gaps in service provision
  • the support given by the Mamota paramedic
  • The ownership created within DG Family Planning
  • The video will be in Bangla with English subtitles; Voice-over has to be used in the video
  • Use of Maps, graphics and pneumonic are encouraged as and where deemed fit;
  • The documentary is going to have one or multiple interviews (3 to 4) of relevant people that would be selected in consultation with the project staff
  • The video will be shot in the Sylhet Division. All relevant costs associated with the shooting such as travel, food, accommodation, etc. relevant costs will be borne by the party.

Proposal Instructions:
In order to be considered, proposals must include the following:
I. Brief profile – Capability statement
II. Client list – Mention only the major ones
III. References – names, company or organization, contact information of three recent (within the past 2 years) companies/organizations that you have worked for.
IV. Two sample video documentaries done recently, preferably on maternal and child health/health systems/public health issues
V. Work plan
Evaluation Criteria

  Particulars Score
Technical proposal Capacity and past experience of developing video documentaries around the health care systems or public health issues (include reference letters for earlier work and names of organizations you worked with) 20
  Two sample videos on public health issues 30
  Organogram – organizational management and governance structures 05
  Facility and resources capacity (technical resource pool, equipment like camera, video panel, etc.) 05
  Proposed team (Director, scriptwriter, cameraman, etc) 10
Financial proposal   30
(Pass mark for technical evaluation is 50)

30% after completion and approval (by Mamota Project) of three scripts and 70% after receiving the final products (Three videos) and raw footage

Budget Code Project: 050015, SOF: 99800110, DEA: 436205
Budget Holders’ Name: Khaleda Habib, Sr. Manager-Mamota project

The video documentaries and raw footage will be the property of Save the Children.

Contact Person: Tahrim Ariba Chaudhury, Deputy Manager, Advocacy and Communications, Save
the Children in Bangladesh, Health, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS.

Pre-Proposal Meeting: November 8, 2018 at 3.00 pm.

Last date of proposal submission: 19 November, 2018 within 2.30 PM. Sealed proposal should be submitted into the "Bid Box-1" kept in Ground Floor (Reception) at Save the Children Country Office, House- CWN (A) 35, Road43, Gulshan-2.

The proposal must be submitted in one original copy for both the technical and financial proposal in two separate Envelope. All the documents must be submitted in response to TOR & RFP. 7 The technical portion of the proposal evaluation score will be adjusted to form 70% of the total proposal score. The financial portion of the proposal will be evaluated for 30% of the total score. However, the financial portion of the proposal will only be considered for those organizations who obtain at least 50 out of 70 of the technical proposal score.