Job Profile

Job Title: Start Fund Bangladesh Programme Manager, Start Network
Grade: This is a locally paid position
Reports to: Programmatic report to the Start Fund Global Manager. Line management report to Humanitarian Director of hosting NGO (tbd)
Budget Responsibility: c£9m of disbursement funds to 2020
Child Protection Level: Level 1 - The responsibilities of the post do not require you to have contact with children or young people
Length of Contract Initially for 6 months – with options for longer term contract renewal (up to 3.5 years)
Start date Middle to end of March 2017
Location Dhaka


Start Network is a consortium of 42 leading NGOs working together to connect people in crises to the best possible solutions.  In order to meet the needs of crisis-affected people in a future of great uncertainty and complexity, we believe that the humanitarian sector must change. The Start Network members collaborate because the change that is demanded cannot be achieved by any single organisation acting alone.

We promote a way of working that enables international and local humanitarian actors to coexist.  We envision a self-organising system where the agencies best placed to respond to a crisis are empowered to do so. To realise this vision, we are working to catalyse a humanitarian sector that is more diverse, decentralised and collaborative.

The Network works in three principal areas: Start Fund (rapid financing for emergency response); Start Engage (strengthening civil society capacity); and Start Labs (experimentation, rapid prototyping and learning).  Furthermore, the Start Network is investing in the infrastructure to receive large funding streams to enable the Network members to programme effective responses at scale.

The Start Network legal structure enables resources and initiative to reach nearly 7,000 partner agencies, comprised of over a quarter million staff working in 200 countries and territories. Start is presently hosted and incubated by Save the Children UK on behalf of all Member Agencies and intends to become independent during in the coming years.

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Application closing date: 02 March, 2017


Start Network, 1 St John’s Lane, London EC1M 4AR  |

Company No.  09286835   |   Charity No.  1159483