Site Program Manager

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is an international humanitarian organization based in Paris, France, which provides aid and assistance to victims of war and natural disasters. For the past 35 years, the organization’s vocation has been to meet the three vital needs - drinking, eating and sheltering – of vulnerable populations around the world. Our programs mainly focus on emergency relief actions related to water and sanitation but also related to food security as well as shelter and infrastructure rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Site Program Manager 

Affectation: Teknaf, Bangladesh
Possible Start of the activities: June 01, 2018
Number of positions: 01
Duration of the contract: up to October 30, 2018 (with possibility of extension), Based on the implementation of new ISR, duration and terms of conditions of the position may change.

Responsibilities and description of tasks:

The program manager Site Management is responsible for implementing and achieving the objectives defined in the operation proposals with the UDOC methodology. (S)he is responsible for overseeing operational teams assigned to the program. (S)he guarantees the good performance and the quality of the program(s) implemented, and, where appropriate, proposes adjustments or developments to ensure relevance.

His/ her main responsibilities in below:

  • Security: He/She participates, together with the coordination team, in the security analysis and management in the area for which he/she is responsible. In addition, as site manager, he/she disseminates the security rules and measures to the teams and partners on site.
  • Programs: He/She ensures the proper implementation of the project in operational and qualitative aspects (objectives follow-up, planning, respect of deadlines and budget lines, quality control).
  • Human resources: He/She supervises the teams working on the project for which he/she is responsible (supervision, definition of objectives, follow-up).
  • Logistical, administrative and financial follow-up: He/She supervises the logistical, administrative and financial aspects of the implementation of the project and ensures compliance with the relevant procedures, with the functional support of the logistician and the administrator of his or her base of assignment.
  • Representation: He/She represents the association to partners, authorities and various local actors involved in the sites under his/her responsibility.
  • Coordination: He/She centralizes and disseminates information from/to his/her base and consolidates the internal and external "reporting" of the Site Management activities implemented in the sites.
  • Evaluation/Strategy: He/She participates in the elaboration of the strategy and proposes new interventions according to the needs identified in his/her area of intervention.

Specific objectives and associated activities


  • He/She participates in the implementation or updating of the sites security tools, under the supervision of the Field Coordinator.
  • He/She ensures that the safety tools, measures and plans are known by the teams under his/her responsibility and that the safety rules are respected.
  • He/She ensures security monitoring at site level through the collection of information related to security, the analysis of this information and disseminates it to his/her supervisor on a regular or ad-hoc basis in case of emergency.
  • He/She ensures that the project/s, the methodology and the selection criteria do not jeopardize the safety, the security and the reputation of the beneficiaries, the team members or any other person.


  • He/She is responsible for the successful implementation and monitoring of the Site Management program at the twenty villages under his/her responsibility:
  • He/She ensures the smooth running of activities (objectives achievement, adherence to schedules, etc.) and reports to his/her direct supervisor.
  • He/She ensures that beneficiaries and local populations understand the objectives of the project/s and participate actively in the implementation.
  • He/She plans activities and ensures that the calendar of activities is respected. If there is a significant delay in the implementation of the project, he/she immediately informs his/her supervisor and proposes solutions to remedy it.
  • He/She develops and validates the technical choices of the project/s and the strategy and planning of the Site Management activities.
  • He/She ensures the smooth running of the Site Management program under his/her responsibility and ensures compliance with the objectives defined in the project proposal. In particular, he/she follows the indicators defined, reports to his/her supervisor, reports any difficulties encountered in the implementation and proposes improvements or reorientation if necessary.
  • He/She ensures that a complaint management mechanism exists and operates at the sites and is involved in improving the mechanism both at the operational level of implementation and in inter-partner monitoring and communication.
  • He/She is in direct and reactive contact with the partners working on the sites for which he/she is responsible in order to coordinate activities and propose solutions to the problems that will be encountered.
  • He/She ensures the implementation of the monitoring and/or evaluation, according to the needs defined by the project. He/She analyses and transmits the information collected to his/her supervisor. Depending on the needs of the project and/or the information collected, he/she produces and disseminates monitoring and evaluation reports to the persons concerned.
  • He/She ensures that all documents produced within the project/s are properly archived and that the sources of verification mentioned in the project proposal/s are available.
  • He/she ensures that the human, financial and logistical means of his/her project are in adequacy with the needs. If there is a discrepancy, he/she alerts the coordination team and participates in identifying solutions.
  • He/she ensures that practices respect the association's procedures and formats and are in line with SI's intervention policy.


  • He/She ensures an efficient flow of information with his/her hierarchy.
  • He/She transmits internal and external reports to his/her superiors, respecting the internal validation deadlines (sitrep) and external contractual deadlines (project reports).
  • He/She analyses and transmits to his/her line manager the information collected in the field or during meetings. Depending on the needs of the program and/or the information collected, he/she coordinates and disseminates monitoring and evaluation reports to the persons concerned.
  • He/She ensures that an efficient flow of information takes place with partners on the site, with the Site Administrator (if applicable) and with IOM.
  • He/She proposes an information management system in collaboration with the headquarters capitalization work.


  • He/She acknowledges SI Internal Rules on the mission and ensures that it is known and respected within his/her team.
  • He/She sets up the coordination mechanisms specific to his/her team and organizes his/her supervision. He/She ensures that the messages are well understood within his/her team, while respecting the internal communication circuit.
  • He/She proposes a leave schedule for the teams, ensuring that the leave taken by each team member does not jeopardize the planning of activities.
  • He/She treats dispute of secondary order between the teams and obligatorily informs his/her superior before making a decision.
  • He/She facilitates working meetings and defines priorities.
  • He/She must ensure that the staff appraisal system put in place by the coordination team is monitored and that the members of his/her team (depending on their rank) are responsible for the technical supervision, management, activities monitoring and evaluation of each member of his/her team.
  • He/She ensures and/or supervises the ongoing training of the national and international members of his/her team (organizational, methodological, technical support, etc.), participates in the identification of training needs and recommends internal and/or external training actions.
  • He/She leads the recruitment of team members if necessary and participates in the decision to terminate the employment of team members.
  • He/She ensures that each person is evaluated in writing once every six months, and at least before he/she leaves office.


  • He/She addresses his/her program needs to the Logistics Manager and in accordance with available budgets. He/She takes into account the time and logistical constraints of the mission as well as the procurement procedures.
  • He/She actively participates in the execution of calls for tenders, if necessary, in coordination with the Logistics Coordinator.
  • He/She ensures, in coordination with the Logistics Manager, that the storage of materials specific to his/her program/s is appropriate.
  • He/She informs the Logistics Manager on a weekly basis of his/her requirements for vehicles and communication materials for the implementation of the program/s.
  • He/She organizes, in coordination with the Logistics Manager, the logistical aspect of his/her program/s (delivery, distribution, on-site storage, etc.).
  • He/She shall regularly provide the Administrative Manager with all the information needed to draw up the cash flow forecast specific to his/her program/s.
  • He/she maintains the Project Manager's financial monitoring tool (OFU), ensures that he/she has access to the up-to-date budget monitoring of the program/s under his/her responsibility each month and participates in its analysis, detects any discrepancies and proposes adjustments to the Administrative Manager.


  • In agreement with his or her line manager, he/she participates in coordination meetings on issues related to the Site Management.
  • He/She represents the association to local actors involved in the implementation of activities at the sites and ensures good relations with other actors: administrative authorities, traditional authorities, UN, NGOs, refugee representatives... in particular by developing active communication with them (respecting the principles of neutrality and independence).
  • In the event of a visit by the donor, he/she actively participates in the preparation and implementation of the visit.

Qualifications and Competencies: 

  • Masters or equivalent degree in relevant subject.
  • Minimum of 2 years professional experience in humanitarian and/or development programs and in the relevant field.
  • Experience in CCCM/Site Management is highly desired.
  • Experience in community mobilization and DRR will be a plus.
  • Knowledge of project cycle management and monitoring tools.
  • Ability to analyze information accurately and quickly.
  • Experience in team management.
  • Experience in budge management, good problem solving skill.
  • Good reporting skills.
  • Computer literacy in Microsoft Office
  • Proficiency on local language can be an added value

Salary Range: Monthly consolidated salary BDT 97,600/- and other benefits as per HR policy of SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL.

ORG CHART POSITION (reporting and functional relationships)
Line Manager: Deputy Field Coordinator

Application dead line:  Tuesday 22nd May 2018.

Only short listed candidates will be invited for test and interview.
SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL promotes diversity in its workforce”