About Sudokkho

Sudokkho is a 5-year skill training and employment programme, funded by DFID and SDC and implemented by Palladium in a consortium with Swisscontact and the British Council. The programme seeks to test and scale-up market-driven, quality skills training systems within the Readymade Garments (RMG) and Construction sectors that will stimulate further investment in training by trainees, private training providers and employers. The programme’s target is that 110,000 poor people, including women and disadvantage populations, will earn increased income in skilled or semiskilled jobs after successful completion of training.

The programme supports Private Training Providers (PTPs) and Industry-based training (IBT) initiatives (supply-side stimulation) and raises awareness about the value of skills development among the trainees and industry (demand-side stimulation). At a glance, Sudokkho interventions at institutional level, trainees level and employer level both with PTP and IBT are given below. 




Institute level

Delivery of technical assistance and capacity building (Basic Instructional Skills Training (BIST), soft skills, management skills, business development).

Delivery of technical assistance and capacity building through engaging TCSPs to develop training materials and to support RMG supplier factories by conforming the Sudokkho Training System (STS) standard.

Trainees level

Provision of market driven CBT training packages development in collaboration with business associations and Industry Skills Council.

Supporting supplier factories to build capacity to delivery in house training.

Employer level

Job placement of trainees by the PTPs, training subcontracts with industries.

Establishment of improved floor management capacity, increase in productivity and profitability.

As the project has been working in construction and RMG sectors, PTP intervention is covering both the sectors but IBT is focusing only on RMG sector. There are 15 trades of training being run by the 42 PTPs, 10 in construction sector and 5 in RMG sector. Nevertheless, the bulk of the trainees are coming from 6 key occupations (5 in construction and 1 in RMG). IBT intervention is dealing primarily with the swing machine operator occupation in the RMG sector only. The project has supported 56 RMG factories in setting up IBT facility. The number of graduates is around 29,000 from PTP and 13,000 from IBT interventions respectively till now.

Sudokkho builds upon the TVET reform agenda in coordination with the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) of the Ministry of Education (MoE). The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) supports initiatives that facilitate greater involvement of the private sector to ensure skills training is relevant and of high quality, thereby increasing post-training employment opportunities, as stipulated in the National Skills Development Policy 2011. Sudokkho also supports Industry Skills Councils (ISC) in the concerned sectors, strengthening their institutional capacity and key functions. In addition, the programme works with training consultancy service providers (TCSP) at national level, for sustainable long-term skills development services.

Requirements for Consultancy Proposal

  1. Interested service provider (research / consultancy firm) should submit a technical and financial proposal.
  2. The technical proposal should include CV(s) of all relevant personnel; and a statement which elaborates an overview of relevant experience and how the scope of work in the ToR will be addressed.
  3. The technical proposal should also include a viable timeline, which will add value for the evaluation of service provider selection.
  4. The service provider (research / consultancy firm) needs to propose two separate teams for assessment activities relevant to RMG and Construction sectors.
  5. The financial proposal should provide a breakdown of all costs and must include the daily consultancy fees of each personnel.
  6. The financial proposal should also include the service provider’s eTIN certificate, VAT registration and trade license.
  7. VAT and TAX should be deducted from the payment. 


The final technical and financial proposal from the interested service provider should be submitted within 17:00 (Bangladesh time) on Thursday, November 15, 2018. The proposal should include timeline for all activities from finalisation of methodology to data gathering, analysis, report preparation etc. which will have to be scheduled within this proposed duration.

Please send all applications via email to info@sudokkho.org stating “Impact assessment of Sudokkho intervention” in the subject line.

Weblink of annex: http://sudokkho.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/ANNEX-Impact-assessment.xlsx

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