Request for Proposal (RfP)

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is looking for a qualified Consultant or a Consultancy Firm to, “Review and update the 2014 National Communication Strategy on Safe Labour Migration and a training module on awareness raising as per below Terms of Reference (ToR):

1. Background/Context of the programme:

Over the past decade, migration has become a key contributor to the country’s economy. Since 2008, the country has netted total remittances of USD 138 billion. While the number of regular migrants is on the rise, irregular migrants, particularly in Middle-east, Africa and Europe, have increased over the years. In order to provide a set of strategic guidelines to support the government and other major stakeholders in achieving the national aims of promoting safe and legal migration, in 2014, a National Communication Strategy on Safe Labour migration was developed in coordination with the Ministry of Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment (MoEWOE). The strategy was developed to increase efficiency, decrease overlap and create synergies in Bangladesh's migrant-related communications and awareness-raising campaigns. A unified, national approach also stabilizes future benchmarks along with well-structured guidelines for such communication interventions.

The project titled ‘Prottasha – Bangladesh sustainable reintegration and improved migration governance’ funded by the European Union aims to review and update the existing strategy to incorporate communication approaches for all stages of migration with specific focus on return and reintegration as well as reviewing of the current strategic objectives and tools aligned with the Bangladesh migration governance operational framework. The strategy will also serve as a guiding tool for awareness raising on safe migration and sustainable reintegration for the Government, civil society organizations (CSO), recruiting agencies and the private sector. The communications strategy will assist service providers to deliver clear tailored, targeted, balanced and coordinated messaging that enables potential migrants to make informed decisions about migration and reintegration, thereby reducing risk of exploitation, reduce irregular migration and promote sustainable reintegration. The communication strategy will serve as a tool for government agencies and other organizations working towards improving safe migration to ensure that various appropriate methods of communication/information dissemination are considered, and that messaging being delivered to potential and current migrant workers is easy to understand, reliable and up-to-date, consistent and well balanced.

IOM Dhaka will commission a study to assess the effectiveness, identify gaps and improvement areas of the current strategy. Furthermore, a number of strategic consultations at national and divisional levels so that appropriate tool and preferred methods are devised for information dissemination and incorporated to the current strategy.

2. IOM Project to which the Consultancy is contributing:

Bangladesh: Sustainable Reintegration and Improved Migration Governance (Prottasha), implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and funded by the European Union (EU). The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable reintegration of returnees and the progressive achievement of Goal 10.7 to facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through the implementation of planned and well-managed policies.

The specific objectives (SO) of the project are to ensure that;

  • SO 1: Irregular migrants returning to Bangladesh are sustainably reintegrated (Reintegration component)
  • SO2: The capacities of the Government of Bangladesh and other migration actors are strengthened to manage migration at central and local levels and to ensure the reintegration of irregular migrants (Migration Governance component)
  • SO3:Returning migrants, aspirant migrants, families, communities and local government and private sector actors make informed decisions about migration, and practice and promote safe, orderly and regular migration behaviours, including remittance management. (Awareness raising Component)

3. Objectives of the consultancy

To update and further develop the 2014 National Communication Strategy on Safe Labour Migration through a systematic and consultative approach engaging the Government, civil society, public and private stakeholders along with a manual to raise awareness on safe migration and reintegration issues.

4. Key Tasks of the Consultancy:

Part 1: Review and Update National Communication Strategy

    • Conduct an assessment of the implementation of the current strategy in 10 selected districts comprising of ministry level interventions (MoEWOE) and local stakeholders present across all stages of migration.
    • Conduct strategic consultations to review the implementation plan for information dissemination at national (1) and divisional (8) levels, which will include specific strategies to reach potential and returnee migrants.
    • Identification of the primary and secondary target groups, audience mapping, suggest tools for awareness raising campaign/interventions with focus on behavior change communications and adoption of mixed media approach for audience outreach. 
    • Literature review looking at the countries with similar context in the region to find out good practices for awareness raising campaign on safe migration and reintegration.
    • Revise the national communication strategy based on the findings and recommendations from the consultations anchored in Behavior Change Communication (BCC) approach and share the final strategy with IOM.
    • Organizing and facilitation of the validation workshops on revised communications strategy.
    • Finalize both Bengali and English language versions of the national communication strategy.

Part 2: To draft the Awareness Raising training module

  • Draft an awareness raising module based on key informant interviews, review of existing materials and organize a consultation to share with the relevant stakeholders.
  • Prepare standardized activities to raise awareness on safe migration and reintegration for stakeholders.
  • Organize a ToT to raise awareness on safe migration for relevant GoB officials (MoEWOE, BMET, and BOESL), staffs of the NGO partner at the on the field and headquarters level to cascade the training further down to the district level.
  • Prepare training and evaluation report after ToT and the training module incorporating feedback from the TOT along with the language editing and translation of the document and submit it to IOM.

5. Methodology:

The consultant needs to detail out a methodology for the proposed activities, however, the following can be considered but not limited to: 

  • A review of the communication strategy and materials on safe migration.
  • Conduct Literature review looking at the countries with similar context in the region to find out good practices for awareness campaign on safe migration and reintegration.
  • Update and prepare a draft strategy considering the national priorities, target audience, after consultation with relevant stakeholders in coordination with the MoEWOE in particular.  
  • Consultation with the stakeholders at divisional and national level to finalize the content of the strategy in coordination with IOM and MoEWOE. This further includes FGDs and KIIs.
  • Finalize the National Communication Strategy incorporating reintegration and safe migration issues.
  • Prepare training module and pilot test at the field level to raise awareness on safe migration and reintegration issues.
  • Organize a TOT on awareness raising and finalize the training module.

6. Deliverables

The following are the expected deliverables;

  • Detailed methodology and work plan.
  • Assessment report on the implementation of the 2014 national communication strategy on safe labour migration
  • The first draft of strategy based on the assessment and strategic consultations at the divisional level
  • The second draft of the national strategy including awareness raising manual based on the national consultations.
  • Final updated national strategy based on feedback from IOM and MoEWOE both in English and Bangla.
  • The first draft of awareness raising manual based on assessment and strategic consultations at the divisional level
  • TOT training report and final module to raise awareness on safe migration.
  • Provide English and Bangla versions of the awareness raising training module.

7. Duration/ Timeline:

The total duration for this assignment is proposed to be approximately 6 months.

8. Method of Application:

Interested Consultants are invited to submit documents stated below by 10th January 2019 through e-mail to; mentioning the RT/CO-2018/021: Review and update the 2014 National Communication Strategy on Safe Labour Migration” and a training module on awareness raising in the subject line.  Please keep the attachment size under 5 MB.
For any queries please write to  and

9. Required Documents:

Consultancy Firm/Individual consultant need to submit a technical and financial proposal.

Each Submission Must Include the Following:

  • Consultancy Firm/Consultant Profile: A brief summary of the organization and CV of the expert including records on past experience in similar assignments and name of the references.
  • Technical Proposal with detailed methodology, tools and work plan along with samples of previous work;
  • Financial Proposal listing all costs associated with the assignment. In particular, the financial proposal should itemize the following:
    1. Consultancy fees in local currency per day;
    2. Variable costs inclusive of transportation costs (including to selected districts), printing of study tools; research team (if applicable); meeting/FGDs/KIIs costs

10. Professional and Related Experiences:

The proposed team from the consultancy firms or the consultants should have following competence.

  • Must be an expert who has completed a minimum Master’s degree in Strategic Management, communication and or related field with at least five years of relevant professional experience. Ph.D. is an added advantage;
  • Sound knowledge and demonstrated capacity in developing plans and strategies, designing the curriculums and manuals.
  • Solid understanding of migration, reintegration, remittance, a financial and social sector of Bangladesh.
  • Demonstrated ability to draw lessons from relevant international, regional and national practices and processes;
  • Excellent presentation, oral and written communication skills, and training skills;
  • Proficiency in English and Bangla and good analytical, drafting skills.
  • Ability to deliver according to a specified timeline while maintaining the quality of the output.

The Proposal should be written in English.

Any attempt for persuasion will be considered as a disqualification



IOM is an equal opportunity employer and women are encouraged to apply.
IOM Offices and vehicles have smoke-free work environment.