Tender Notice

Please be informed that German Red Cross (GRC) Bangladesh is planning to construct a Primary Health Center for supporting the BDRCS Population Movement Operation in Cox’s Bazar. In this regard, interested vendors are requested to submit their quotation and technical planning as follows:

Name of the project: Primary Health Center, Teknaf

Download from download section.

  1. Request for Quotation - PHC Teknaf
  2. Bill of Quantity - PHC Structure of German Red Cross
  3. Sketches & Drawings PHC Structure of German Red Cross, Bangladesh
  4. Certification Declaration of Conformity, Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Submission Procedure:

The Interested vendors have to submit their quotation in a sealed envelope to the “Program Coordinator, German Red Cross Bangladesh, Crescent Bay Resort, Plot # 44, Block # A, Light House Road, Kolatoli R/A, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh” until 05:00 PM of 15th January 2019.

Functional Statement of Work / Functional Description of Work / Functional Invitation for Tender:

  1. The lot is located at Camp 25 in Teknaf, near a paved minor road. It is easy accessible with small and medium sized trucks.                                                      
  2. The ground lays approximately three (3) to five (5) feet under the level of the adjoining road. Hence the structure has to be constructed on stilts / steel columns. The land surface is slanted, the boundary is not straight and out of square (not rectangular). In fact it is mandatory to do a proper land survey before preparing the technical drawings.
  3. The structure is supposed to be mainly constructed from steel profiles, steel beams and steel plates for the flooring. Walling and roofing is to be made of sandwich panels and at the main entrance with roofing sheets. The whole structure is to be assembled partly by welding, partly with rivets and partly nuts and bolts.The entire structure has to be removable at a later stage if and when necessary.
  4. All visible steel parts have to be painted after assembling. Colour as per requirement of the client.
  5. The construction works are to be calculated including all deliveries and services that are required to deliver and assemble a fully functional building that meets the requirements of a Primary Health Centre (PHC). Including final cleaning of the construction area and disposal of remains from the construction works (such as waste, scraps and any garbage).
  6. The presented sketches are no professional technical drawings in detail. Therefore they might not take all technical necessities into consideration. All given information such as quantities, sizes, dimensions and measurements are solely estimated and not comprehensive. The provided estimated BOQ together with the provided sketches is supposed  to give a rough idea about the planned structure. It does not dispense the vendor/bidder from drawing up a comprehensive and plausible Bill of Quantity to be submitted together with detailed technical drawings, plans and designs that have to be reviewed and validated by the client. These services are fully compensated with the position "Design Charge".
  7. Changes and/or amendments (proposal for amendment) with regards to the technical design of the structure are very welcome if they do have a positive impact on the costs of the project.
  8. Any changes and/or amendments with regards to the provided design of the structure are only accepted after validation through the client.
  9. Award of the contract is proportionately equally weighted in terms of cost-effectiveness, feasibility within the very tight construction schedule and proven expertise of the bidder. For prove of expertise the bidder has to present at least five (5) references of projects of a similar structure that have been accomplished during the last year (2018).

In the quotation also include:

  1. Certification Declaration of Conformity has to be signed and submitted together with quotation.
  2. Quoted price should be exclusive of VAT which IFRC/GRC is exempted to pay.
  3. The validity of the bid must be minimum 60 calendar days.
  4. GRC will deduct TDS (Tax Deduction on Source) as per govt. rule (if applicable).
  5. The construction work shall be finished by 15th March 2019.
  6. Payment after delivery of goods and complexion of works by AC payee cheque in favour of your company.

The selection of bids will be done based on the International Federation Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) procurement rules and regulations and only the successful bidder(s) will be contacted.

The IFRC/GRC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders or split the order without assigning any reason whatsoever and bound to accept the lowest bid.