Scope of Work for Developer/Technology Consultant

General SoW Overview: Support and Services for the Development, Implementation, Trainings and On-going Support of the DHIS2 Health Management Information System (HMIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System in Surjer Hashi Network (SHN) Clinics under the USAID AUHC Project.

Background: Advancing Universal Health Coverage in Bangladesh (AUHC) is a 5-year project funded by USAID with the aim to build on past gains to accelerate achievement of UHC in Bangladesh. AUHC is a research and development (R&D) contract that will facilitate the transformation of the Surjer Hashi Network (SHN) of clinics. The activity will transform the SHN into a social enterprise to advance progress toward UHC. Establishing new revenue streams will enable the enterprise to reach financial sustainability and, later, to sustainably subsidize service delivery for the poor.  AUHC will introduce innovative business and operational models, create research-based health service packages for the poor, and experiment with new health service delivery channels. AUHC will systematically use scientific and technical knowledge to design, develop, test, and evaluate potential new products and services (or improve existing ones) to advance UHC in Bangladesh. The HMIS will be used at the SHN Head Office (HO) level, the EMR System will be used at the clinic-level, and the QA System will be used by HO/Regional level staff to assess clinic operations and service delivery.

HMIS – PSI will use DHIS2, which would be linked to the EMR System, the QA System, and the ERP/ Accounting System. We will deploy the ‘SHN Money Receipt’ as a Tracker Program for data collection at clinic-level till the EMR System is developed and ready for implementation, upon which this module will be migrated to the EMR System.

EMR System – We aim to target the clinics with the highest client loads and highest average revenue for the Full EMR to maximize profits and Return on Investments. The Full EMR will automate the entire clinic information flow and client experience and allow for automatic data transfer. Most other clinics are to use an EMR Lite System, i.e. selected modules of the Full EMR. Once all the Static clinics have EMR Systems up and running and the operation and usage is stabilized, we will gradually include the Satellite clinics (Mobile clinics set up daily in difference locations by teams travelling to and from a Static clinic) into the EMR System.

QA System – HNQIS (Health Network Quality Improvement System) is a PSI-developed electronic, tablet-based, application built on DHIS2, designed to support service deliver quality improvements. We will use HNQIS as the QA System for the SHN. HNQIS is designed to support quality improvement delivered by network providers. PSI has pre-configured checklists on HNQIS, and the bidder will be required to align the configuration to the HMIS and migrate to the Production/Data server in Bangladesh.

The bidder will eventually need to enable interoperability between the EMR System and the ERP/Account System at clinic-level (Tally ERP).

Overall Tasks/Responsibilities:

  • Understanding the requirements, processes and business needs of the Surjer Hashi Network and its clinics
  • Providing input for the requirements and specifications of the systems from a technical perspective
  • Providing input for the design and configuration of the DHIS2 HMIS and the EMR System
  • Working closely and coordinating with various PSI internal stakeholders and technical resources over the technical designs, development and customizations, implementation, scale-up, trainings, planning and timelines
  • Providing a Work Plan and Financial Proposal for the work outlined in this Scope of Work Document
  • Developing the DHIS2 HMIS and the EMR System with all the needed functionalities or modules
  • Interoperability of the EMR System with the DHIS2 HMIS and the SHN Accounting System 
  • Performing System and Quality Assurance Testing (QAT)
  • Performing User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Support in implementation and roll-out of the systems
  • Support for the end-user Trainings to the SHN HO staff as well as the clinic staff, including creating all necessary documentations and manuals for training and change management –
    • Overview of the systems
    • Key modules and functionalities
    • Training SHN HO staff on the use of DHIS2 Tracker, data entry, analytics and reporting
    • Training SHN Clinic staff on the use of the EMR System modules, analytics, reporting, and basic troubleshooting
  • Support and troubleshooting of the systems during initial implementation and scale-up phases
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of both systems, including Helpdesk creation and ticket resolution following an agreed-upon SLA
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of both systems, including servers’ administration and maintenance, and version upgrade
  • Support in providing or recommending system and data hosting and storage solutions and services on servers within Bangladesh only
  • Provide infrastructure and equipment recommendations and support
  • Provide support in procurement of the needed hardware, software, licenses etc. to implement the 2 systems
  • Create Technical Specifications/Configuration Document, System Administration Document, SOPs, User Manuals and other relevant documentation to detail the systems, their use, and exception handling
  • Bidders may be invited to provide onsite demonstrations and presentations

DHIS2 Technical Tasks:

  • Configuration of DHIS2 for the specifications of SHN’s HMIS:
    • Organizational Unit tree hierarchy build and management   
    • Configuration of Tracker program for SHN Money Receipt module (in-clinic data entry) according to blueprint by PSI
    • Configuration of Indicators & Program Indicators according to blueprint definitions
    • Development of dashboards and custom reports for SHN HO
    • Possible historical data import for events and aggregate data sets
    • Testing configuration in Version 2.28 or 2.30
    • Migration of configuration to SHN’s Production/Data server hosted within Bangladesh
    • Ongoing Helpdesk support: Agents to set up Helpdesk system after configuration has been migrated to Production/Data server
  • Integration of DHIS2 configuration with the EMR System
  • Support in configuration and migration of HNQIS (PSI’s Service Delivery Quality Assurance app) to the Production/Data server hosted within Bangladesh
  • Providing support to the different activities related to the system development, implementation and training in coordination with PSI/AUHC staff
  • Develop DHIS2 configuration document (including user manuals where appropriate) and configuration of the system where applicable. This could include organizational unit management, users’ management, data sets creation, dashboards, tracker program and management, etc.

EMR System Technical Tasks:

  • Development and/or configuration of the chosen EMR System Platform for the specifications of SHN’s EMR System and clinic needs:
    • Provide input in the requirements and needs analysis phase to confirm business needs, and finalize the detailed functional requirements and design 
    • Development and configuration of an EMR System that provides modules for client registration, consultation, out-patient service provision, in-patient service management, lab tests and lab results, USG, X-Ray and medical imaging, prescription issuing and management, basic billing/payments/financial management, pharmacy and basic inventory (stock-in/stock-out), job aides, client follow-ups, data analytics and reporting
    • Development of a modular system, supporting the segmented approach for SHN clinics, i.e. Full EMR, EMR Lite and Mobile EMR
    • Providing input for the system and process design, modules and prioritization of modules from a technical perspective
    • Customizing the EMR System to meet the different types of process automations and process flows/ work flows differing between types of clinics
    • Developing all the needed features and functionalities as per the Requirements Document
    • Setup Production/Data server(s) and In-Clinic/Local servers within Bangladesh and deploy the software
    • Conduct QAT, UAT and any other necessary testing and support in implementation of relevant modules at all sites
    • Provide “master” trainings to PSI/AUHC Staff on basic configuration and technical support
    • Development and/or needed customizations keeping in mind the future phases and vision of systems for SHN, for e.g. Mobile EMR at Satellite clinics, Expansion and/or upgrade of modules across types of clinics etc.
  • Integration of the EMR System with DHIS2 HMIS
  • Interoperability of the EMR System with the SHN Accounting System at Clinic-level
  • Providing support to the different activities related to the system development, implementation, testing and training in coordination with PSI/AUHC staff
  • Develop configuration document (including user manuals where appropriate) and basic troubleshooting of the system for all modules

Ongoing Support and Maintenance Tasks:

  • Helpdesk creation and ticket resolution following an agreed-upon SLA:
    • Creation of a Helpdesk where Clinic or HO Staff can submit tickets for various levels of troubleshooting and support
    • Providing an escalation path i.e. the name and number of a senior resource to be contacted if the user has any unresolved issue or issue is bigger than the scope of the Helpdesk
    • All tickets and responses to the Helpdesk queries will be documented by the Helpdesk system
    • Maintenance of a log of the support requests made, the resolution offered, and the time taken
    • Provide support through TeamViewer, where the issue seems to be localized to the clinic
  • Provide or recommend a network of in-person IT troubleshooting and support system for tickets/issues that cannot be solved remotely, or issues pertaining to hardware
  • Create reports to document the project phases, processes, and handover, for organizational memory and knowledge management
  • Perform handover of systems to AUHC/SHN Teams and support the training of the optimized use of the systems, and periodic refresher trainings. This includes support in creation of any necessary training material and manuals.

Any individuals/consultants/agencies interested in bidding for this SoW - Please send your portfolios by email to Mr. Rezwan Akhter ( The portfolio must include:

  • Background/qualifications/certifications of the individual/agency
  • Relevant service offerings/service profile, and
  • Previous experience in similar work (with details on 3 to 5 previous projects).

Interested parties must send this information by November 21, 2018.