Terms of Reference (ToR) for
Development of an inclusive Information Education and Communication (IEC)
and Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) strategy

1. Background:
‘The Right to Health: Breaking Down Barriers to eye Health in South Asia’ is a new project of Sightsavers which is implementing in Bangladesh. This three-year project started in July 2018 and will continue until June 2021, with funding from UK aid from the British People. The aim of the project is to promoting Inclusive Eye Health (IEH) in the project districts, including creating provisions for inclusion and accessibility in the partner hospitals for persons with disabilities, women and other marginalized groups. In Bangladesh, Sightsavers will be working in four districts under this project, namely, Kurigram, Narshingdi, Rangpur and Sirajganj. Centre for Disability in Development (CDD) is one of the partners who are responsible to improve and implement the inclusion part of this project.

2. Objectives of the assignment:
To Develop an inclusive Information Education and Communication (IEC) and Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) strategy, in close consultation with Disabled Peoples’ Organisations, to address barriers faced by persons with disabilities, women, men and marginalised groups living in the project areas, for equitable access to eye care services and to improve eye health seeking behaviour among these groups.

3. Expected Outcomes/ Deliverables:

  • An Inclusive eye health strategy in English.
  • Specify/identify list of media and communication channels appropriate for target population to improve/aware health (eye) seeking behavior.
  • Based on the strategy, identify/deliver/propose specific messaging and design (Bangla/English) which is appropriate for, inclusive of, and accessible to the targeted populations, to bring positive change on eye health among the most marginalized members of each community.
  • Give a set of final product/design (Bangla) after completing field testing of design proposed reach the most marginalized people in the community.

4. Scope of Work:

  • Review relevant project documents to understand the project goal, objectives and outcomes (Project Proposal, logical framework, baseline survey report etc.) of the project.
  • Develop set of learning questions, tools and appoaches to identify the need of the target population.
  • Conduct FGD, KII, and other consultations with targeted population mentioned above and others relevant stakeholders in Narshingdi, Rangpur.
  • The lead consultancy firm/consultant will carry out the activity in close consultation with CDD and Sightsavers. Representatives from partner organizations will participate in some activities as observers. 
  • Develop, design IEC/BCC material (hard copies) for field testing in the project locations with respective participants/stakeholders.
  • Finalize the content and final the IEC/BCC materials with necessary feedback from Sightsavers, CDD and the target communities.
  • Ensure IEC/BCC materials are inclusive (representation of people with disabilities, women and other marginalized groups) and accessible (to people with different types of disabilities)
  • The consultant/consultancy firm will work closely with the Inclusion and management team of the Sightsavers, CDD and Hospital partners with necessary consultation and preparation.

5. Consultant/Consultancy firm is requested to submit their proposal considering following:

  • 2-3 pager brief concept note on the assignment/tasks
  • A detailed activity plan considering deliverables
  • Consultant fees
  • Transportation, food and accommodation cost

6. CDD will ensure the following support:

  • CDD will provide relevant project documents to understand the work clearly.
  • Organize participants for conducting FGD, KII in Rangpur and Narshingdi.
  • Provide relevant logistical support.

7. Timeframe:
It is expected that the activity will starts in October, 2018 ends in November 2018. A total of 10 days of work is concerned including reporting.

8. Person Specification of the consultant:

  • University degree (or equivalent experience) preferably in Communication and Journalism, Development Studies, Disability, Women and Gender Studies, Advertising, Social Science, or other related areas.
  • Sound knowledge on diversity, inclusion, empowerment, mobilization and practical experience in information, education, and communication (IEC), materials development, with particular focus on behavior change communication.
  • Close to work with media and production houses,
  • Strong analytical ability with writing and presentation skills,
  • Demonstrates commitment to organizational mission, vision and values.

9. Mode of payment:
The payment may be made through three instalments on mutual consent with the consultant/consultancy firm. The payments will be made in A/C payee cheques in favor of the organization/consultant upon successfully completion of the assignments and duly approved invoices at the end of the consultancy. Tax and VAT will be deducted at source as per Government Rules.

10. How to apply:
You are requested to submit a technical and financial proposal along with CV of consultant/lead consultant and other team members with number of similar kind of IEC/BCC Materials developed before to cdd@bangla.net  with a copy to arlipy@gmail.com, nazmul.bari@yahoo.com on or before November 08, 2018.

11. Reserve the rights:
Without showing reasons CDD reserves the right to reject any proposal or cancel the activity.