Position Title, Location & Contract Duration

Technical Coordinator – M&E

One (01) position, based at CARE Bangladesh Dhaka Office

The duration of the proposed contract is up to November 30, 2020

I. Job Summary:  

CARE is one of the world's leading international humanitarian and development organisations, committed to helping people in poor communities improve their lives and alleviate poverty. Founded in 1945, CARE is working across 94 countries to fight global poverty and marginalization. CARE has been active in Bangladesh since 1949 being one of the largest country offices of CARE. CARE works to help people achieve social and economic well-being, while being among the best in their fields. In CARE, put women and girls at the center of our work because we know that we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities. CARE Bangladesh is currently shifting towards a program approach, where it has developed longer-term impact visions to have more sustainable changes in the lives of the extreme poor and marginalized.

CARE Bangladesh is managing a grants of The Global Fund titled “Comprehensive Prevention Programs for People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) and Their Partners” with aim of minimize spread of HIV and minimize the impact of AIDS on the individual, family, community and society. Under this project, CARE is providing health education along with means of behavior change, clinical services and creating enabling environment towards the PWID through operating 18 Comprehensive Drop-In-Centers (CDICs) and Drop-In-Centers (DICs) directly in Dhaka and in partnership with two local /national organizations at outside Dhaka. In addition, four community based CDICs are providing methadone as most effective treatment for PWID.

The incumbent will be directly responsible for developing, reviewing, updating and implementing the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework/plan for the Global Fund PWID project that satisfy the Global Fund performance framework. S/he will ensure that the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, data analysis, interpretation and data for decision making mechanism is properly understood and implemented by all levels of project & Drop-In-Centers (DICs) staff at SR/ SSRs level and according to the need appropriate On Job Training (OJT) and orientations are provided to the relevant project, SR/SSRs and DIC staff members as applicable. The position will uphold the main responsibilities to document the process, lessons learned, best practices, challenges and bottlenecks of the project; and support Team Leader (TL) to disseminate them with PR, stakeholders and other wider audiences. 

S/he will ensure that systems and processes are put in place to ensure adequate M&E and IMIS of project interventions, set in place, which enable CARE Bangladesh to learn from project implementation and generate convincing evidences of project impact for policy makers, donors, government officials and other stakeholders. S/he will be responsible to design, implement, evaluation and documentation of operation research initiatives with the supports from his/her direct supervisor and TL and other relevant staff of the project.
S/he ensures state of the art thinking at CARE Bangladesh in the use of qualitative and quantitative design, operation research, IMIS and M&E mechanism. A key function of the position is to raise the profile of the CARE Bangladesh GFPWID project as an organization that produces attributable evidence of the impact of its work and shares this information in ways that will contribute to the work of other development in national level.

The Technical Coordinator – M&E will be played a diversified roles and responsibilities for the GFPWID FR Project in combination with M&E, Procurement & Supply Chain Management (PSM) and experience in project implementation.

We seek dynamic, innovative thinkers to further reinforce our mission. If you are an experienced professional who not only shares our core beliefs and is aligned with our values but also wants to make a difference, develop and inspire others, drive innovative ideas and deliver results – then we are looking for you!

II.            Responsibilities and Tasks:

% of Time

Responsibility # 1: Regular analysis of epidemiological trend of HIV positive and develop responsive plan that are agreed with relevant stakeholders (PR, UNAIDS, ASP, WHO, CCM and individual experts) and align with international standard and available evidences


  • Monthly analysis of HIV epidemic trend among PWID under Dhaka DICs.
  • Develop appropriate tools and method to deeply dig out the reasons of HIV transmission trend among PWID under Dhaka DICs to understand the case burden wise DIC/drug spots, mode of transmission, risk factors, and characteristics of drug spots, effectiveness/gaps of outreach service modality etc.
  • Develop a responsive plan based on the field data analysis, other countries experience & evidences and share with relevant stakeholders.
  • Execute the agreed plan and follow up the progress/further barriers.
  • Develop presentation on responsive plan and its progress and share with relevant stakeholders through organizing sharing meeting/email/ skype call etc. 


Responsibility # 2: Effective documentation of evidence experiences and pro-active communication for advocacy and sensitization of relevant stakeholders


  • Install a process documentation mechanism for GFPWID project by which all DIC level experiences, evidences, best practices etc. are captured.
  • Enable DIC to project level staffs to use this mechanism and ensure proper documentation and compilation of these project related experiences and evidences.
  • Develop factsheets, case analysis and different project related challenges, bottlenecks, best practices for appropriate advocacy, sensitization with relevant stakeholders to get their support and timely actions.
  • Develop effective and evidence based presentation for different local/district and national level advocacy/sensitization meeting.
  • Develop different issue based papers/factsheets/data analysis for team members to represent/share in different forums/meetings/discussion sessions
  • Design operation research initiatives as part of ongoing M&E system within the project portfolio.
  • Conduct operation research through study/assessment/survey on specific issues such as community-SHG, PWID network engagement, pharmacy involvement, voucher scheme, case workers functions etc.  New initiatives that were taken by the project.
  • Develop different tools, methods and materials for operation research/assessment/survey.
  • Monitoring, evaluate and document the results of Operation Research.
  • Share the Operation Research findings and recommendations with PR and relevant stakeholders/audiences --use them for policy influences as applicable.


Responsibility # 3: Capacity Building of CARE and DIC level staff members on data for decision making


  • Designing and planning overall capacity building initiative for project staff including partner organization on effective functioning of M&E plan, tools, techniques accurate reporting. 
  • Take appropriate initiatives (formal/non formal training, orientation, OJT, feedback, demonstration etc.)  to build capacity and skills for both project and DIC staffs on M&E, IMIS and documentation process. Ensure flow of regular monitoring and follow-up on operational process of M&E, IMIS at the SR, SSRs and DIC level.
  • Develop capacity of Project and DIC level staffs on DIC and outreach based data analysis, interpretation and how to use these data for decision making.
  • Provide on the job supports to SSRs and DIC staff as required. 


Responsibility # 4: Established and Implement real time data management system (using Tab/ICT devise)


  • Install and operate real time data management system.
  • Provide orientation to the relevant staff members to effectively and efficiently using this devise/data management system.
  • Assess the effectiveness/benefit of real time data management.
  • Use the real time data for daily PWID tracking and reach out with outreach services.
  • Identify problems/barriers of real time data management system and way out solution to improve the system.


Responsibility # 5: Ensure all formative, narrative and action research based documentation and reporting as required by donor, relevant stakeholders and CARE mission


  • Ensure day to day monitoring and supportive supervision for the assigned staff.
  • Provide coaching, mentoring, feedback, direction and necessary guidance to the PDO-M&E in order to effectively and efficiently perform their assigned roles and responsibilities.
  • Take appropriate initiatives to ensure effective application of PSM across SR, SSRs and DICs through building capacity and skills for both project and DIC staff on PSM and proper documentation mechanism.
  • Ensure flow of regular monitoring and follow-up on operational process of M&E, IMIS at the SR, SSRs and DIC level.
  • Staff development and Performance Management. 
  • Participate in hiring skilled staff as and when necessary.


III. Reporting to:  

Team Leader

IV. Working Conditions:  

Will be based at CARE Bangladesh Dhaka Office. Needs to undertake field visit at least 30 - 40% time in project areas.

V.   Qualifications and Experience:  

  • Master’s in Public Health, Statistics, Social Science or relevant subject. MBBS with MPH in Epidemiology will get high preference.
  • Practical experience in theoretical or practical specialization in monitoring and evaluation, research, knowledge management, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and staff capacity building arena.
  • 5 to 7 year experience in the field of social development, monitoring & evaluation at national/international organization particularly in the arena of HIV/AIDS and or Reproductive Health.
  • Practical project level experience with local, national or international NGOs.
  • Demonstrate competency in survey design, data collection, processing, management, validation, analysis and report preparation and presentation.
  • Experience in participatory design, monitoring and evaluation
  • Experience in supervisory positions is added advantage.
  • Computer literacy on statistical analysis program including MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Excel, Access, SPSS.
  • Sound knowledge on MIS especially for the HIV/AIDS prevention project as a whole.
  • Advantages in combination of M&E, project implementation and PSM issues especially in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

VI.  Core Competencies:  

  • Operational decision making skill.
  • Developing Teams.
  • Coaching and counseling.
  • Analytical skill.
  • Collaboration & negotiation skill.
  • Building partnership.
  • Adaptability.
  • Stress tolerance.

Candidates need to be highly motivated and committed to CARE Bangladesh’s vision, mission, and long-term development work to significantly improve the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized. Candidates must be capable of displaying great learning agility, support and encourage knowledge sharing across projects, for the ultimate benefit of all of CARE’s mission wide initiatives.

Attractive remuneration package will be offered to the really deserving person. In addition, CARE offers Provident Fund, Gratuity, Festival Bonus, Leave Encashment, Life & Health Insurance, Baby Care Facility and Working Mother Benefits, etc.

Interested candidates meeting the above requirements should apply through CARE Bangladesh’s e-recruitment site: http://www.er-carebangladesh.org/care-recruitment/home on or before June 16, 2018


  • Women are particularly encouraged to apply.
  • Any persuasion will disqualify the candidates.
  • Internal and external applicants shall be treated equally in the entire selection process.
  • There is no cost involved with applying for positions with CARE Bangladesh. Any solicitation of job application costs should be regarded as fraudulent.