Request for expressions of interest
(Consulting Service – Firm Selection)

The assessment will primarily target 23 blocks in Camp 18 in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar. According to REACH as of October 2018 there were 27, 220 individuals in the camp, 6,655 households, 7635 shelters and an average family size of 5.
Name of the project
Population  Movement Operation (WASH in Cox’s Bazar)
Assignment Title
comprehensive feasibility study on a semi-centralized full chain solid waste system and development of a detailed solid waste management activity planning document

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (The Federation) is the world’s largest humanitarian organisation. The Federation has been working with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society for more than 30 years in humanitarian fields mainly disaster response and management, cyclone preparedness, disaster relief and recovery, community-based disaster preparedness, risk reduction and mitigation, etc. The British Red Cross (BRC) works under the auspices of the Federation in Bangladesh in close cooperation with the BDRCS.

The British Red Cross (BRC) helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. We are part of the global network, responding to conflicts, natural disasters and emergencies. We enable vulnerable people to prepare for and withstand emergencies in their own communities. And when the crisis is over, we help them to recover and move on with their lives.

We are part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the world’s largest independent humanitarian network and are committed to, and bound by, its fundamental principles: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.

The BRC has a long history of working closely with and supporting the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society.  In line with the national society’s strategic plan the BRC have agreed to expand the number of projects with BDRCS as implementing partner over the coming years. On this basis we are seeking a suitably qualified consultant for a comprehensive feasibility study on a semi-centralized full chain solid waste system and development of a solid waste management activity planning document.

Scope of work
The consultant will conduct a comprehensive feasibility study on a semi-centralized full chain solid waste system in camp 18. Full chain solid waste management systems compromise of collection, transport, disposal / reuse / recycle and corresponding behavioural change activities and campaigning. The feasibility study will identify the most suitable semi-centralized solid waste management options, have a risk-matrix with analysis and mitigation measures, result in practical guidelines, detailed description and include a full activity planning document. Key aspects to be addressed in the study are community engagement throughout the solid waste management chain and final disposal solutions.

  • Assess community knowledge, attitude and practice around “reduce, reuse, recycle”, segregation of waste streams, collection, transport and waste disposal.
  • Conduct a waste characterisation study to qualify and quantify the solid waste generated by different user groups and create a solid waste flow diagram.
  • Assess, rank and identify the most suitable solution for community engagement, solid waste collection, transport and disposal taking into account the complex environment in camp 18.
  • Compose a risk-matrix including impact analysis and mitigation measures
  • Include geo assessment and advice on suitable SWM locations.
  • Based on evidence develop a solid waste management activity planning document taking into the spatial and seasonal variations in Camp 18 and the ongoing and planned SWM activities by local sector partners.
  • The solid waste management activity planning document should include detailed description of proposed solutions and activities, estimation of costs, materials and equipment needed to set-up and maintain the scheme, time frame and a community engagement plan.
  • Develop a training and educational package for community engagement based on Training of Trainers
  • Built on existing knowledge and best practices and link with ongoing initiatives (IFRC study; UNDP SWM assessment; feasibility study WASH sector).
  • Advice should be aligned with the solid waste component of the WASH strategy developed by the WASH sector.
  • The proposed solid waste management strategy should be acceptable to local, regional and national government and include understanding of the legislative environment.
  • Any advice on reuse and recycle technologies and mechanisms should include a detailed local market assessment.

The assignment is expected to take not more than 30 days including data collection, analysis and reporting. The consultant should provide clear man hours for each task for everyone that will be involved in the task.

IFRC now invites eligible consulting firm (“Consultant”) to indicate their interest in providing the service. Interested consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the service. The short- listing criteria are:

  • Team leader with at least 5 years of experience in conducting SWM related assessments and / or research. The team leader possesses the ability to design and plan a feasibility study including but not limited to designing the assessment approach and methodology.
  • Team members have knowledge and experience in solid waste management systems in emergencies or slum context and clear understanding of the solid waste management context in Bangladesh.
  • Competency in understanding and interpreting reviews, reports and expert opinions as related to solid waste management.
  • Male and female Rohingya or Chittagonian speaker as part of the team.
  • Data and information management expertise and experience in statistical analysis, data cleaning, analysis and presentation of information using packages such as ArcGIS, MapInfo or QGIS.

Consultant may associate with other firms to enhance their qualifications; but should indicate clearly whether the association is in the form of a joint venture and/or a sub-consultancy. In the case of a joint venture, all the partners in the joint venture shall be jointly and severally liable for the entire contract, if selected.

Selection criteria
A consultant will be selected in accordance with the quality and cost-based selection (QCBS) method set out in the procurement regulations. Expression of Interest should include as minimum the following:

  • Technical proposal not exceeding six pages, outlining a proposed approach, methodology and work plan.
  • An indicative detailed budget in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Curricula Vitaes of involved consultants (CVs)
  • Sample of two similar research studies and/or evaluation reports which demonstrate capacity to conduct work similar to that described in this ToR.
  • Contact details of two professional referees or clients.
  • Legal names and address of consulting firms including country of registration (i.e. legal documents, Up to date Trade Licence, VAT and TAX Certification);
  • Brochure of the consulting forms or description of company profile;
  • Description of relevant experience with all necessary information;
  • List of professional strength with name, qualification and experience;
  • Annual turnover supported by audited financial statements;
  • Forwarding letter with detail address (i.e. mail address, telephone, fax, email) and contract person for communication.

Expression of interest must be delivered in a person or by e-mail to the address below by 28th of February 2019 up to 5.00 p.m. Bangladesh time, however applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so early submissions are encouraged. Team leader interviews will be conducted on selected dates.Country Manager, British Red Cross, 684-686, Bara Mogh Bazar, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh by email at: