Vacancy For: In-Country Finance Officer

Job Context

This project based position will be working on a USAID funded grant on Disability Rights in Bangladesh titled Expanding Participation of Persons with Disabilities (EPD) and will liaise between Bangladesh based grantees and US-based home office and the in-country coordinator. The project is presently in the 2nd or 3 years and will end in May 2020.

Job Description / Responsibility

The Expanding Participation of Persons with Disabilities (EPD) In-Country Financial Officer's responsibilities are divided into three main areas: 1) general administrative tasks and accounting, 2) billing and accounting, and 3) periodic technical assistance to 3 main subgrantees, especially to NGDO, and 8 small grantees (SGs) on financial affairs germane to EPD project activity implementation.

1) General Administrative Tasks and Accounting

The ICFO reports directly to the Home Office Coordinator (HOC), and participates in two weekly coordination calls 1) with the HOC and 2) with the HOC, Project Manager, and In-Country Coordinator (ICC). The ICFO must also work with HOC in responding promptly to routine queries from USAID, especially during invoicing periods.

2) Quarterly Billing and Accounting

  • The ICFO will work with the HOC, who is responsible for ensuring that billing complies with the USAID Cooperative Agreement and with applicable federal regulations, including compliance with ADS 302. To that end, the ICFO works with the HOC in collecting and reviewing invoices and supporting documents from BLI's main subgrantees (BLAST, NCDW, and NGDO) and 8 small grantees (SGs).
  • The HOC is responsible for billing USAID on no less than a quarterly basis and for reporting expenditures. The ICFO will understand the billing process and will assist when required in billing USAID.
  • From time to time, USAID requires BLI to submit financial reports to track EPD expenditures and pipeline. When necessary, the ICFO will assist the HOC in preparing these reports.

3) Technical Assistance to Main Subgrantees

  • The ICFO will work with the HOC and provide technical assistance and financial oversight to the main subgrantees (MSG) (BLAST, NCDW, and especially NGDO) and the small grantees (SGs). The ICFO will provide accounting and reporting training to the MSGs and SSGs and update them from time to time on new accounting procedures and policies required for the project.
  • The ICFO will be based primarily in NGDO's offices, and will monitor NGDO's handling, processing, and disbursing of funds for SGs. The ICFO will report to the HOC any irregularities and make recommendations for improvement, when necessary.
  • The ICFO will travel to the field no less than 8 times per year to visit each SG, review their accounting systems and procedures, monitor their activities, report to the HOC, and provide SGs with technical assistance and guidance as needed.

Job Nature: PartTime, Contract

Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
  • Skills Required: Accounting Software,Computer Skill

Experience Requirements

  • At least 5 year(s)
  • The applicants should have experience in the following area(s): 
    • Accounts

Job Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh

Salary: Tk. 28700 - 32800 (Monthly)

Please email your CV with cover letter and write "Finance Officer Applicant" as the justbest of your mail. Please also state interest and experience in Disability Rights, Human Rights, NGO, nonprofit work.

Send your CV to pdoyle@bluelawinternational.com

Application Deadline : September 27, 2018