Business Finance for the Poor in Bangladesh

Job Title:  CIB-MF Coordinator
Project: Business Finance for the Poor in Bangladesh (BFP-B)
Contract start date: March 2019 Contract end date:  February 2020 with potential for extension
Reports to:
BFP-B Manager, MF-CIB
BFP-B Team Leader
Supervises: N/A


Business Finance for the Poor in Bangladesh (BFP-B) is a programme funded by UKaid /DFID from the UK government. Bangladesh Bank (BB) and Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA) are the implementing agencies; the Financial Institutions Division (FID) of the Ministry of Finance (MoF), Government of Bangladesh (GoB), is the executing agency. Nathan Associates London Ltd is the management agency for the programme. The programme aims at promoting innovative finance and financial services for micro and small enterprises (MSEs). It is designed to combine social and economic welfare objectives with a commercially-sound approach to increase access to finance for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs), especially those that are currently underserved by the formal financial sector. BFP-B is a multi-component programme which includes a Challenge Fund, Policy and Microfinance Credit Information Bureau for. 

MF-CIB will promote inclusive growth and expand financial inclusion.  The objectives of establishing a CIB for MFIs are to:

  • create a data depository system for microfinance institutions (MFIs) under an institutional arrangement to provide credit reports for each borrower based on the request of MFIs;
  • build creditworthiness of borrowers through building up a credit history and stable financial flows;
  • help integrate MFI and bank credit reporting to enable borrowers to access formal sector lending;
  • promote microenterprise lending to higher-level SMEs through the integration of MFI and Bank lending for growth and employment; and
  • reduce or eliminate overlapping in the sector to mitigate defaults, if needed.

Job Responsibilities and Deliverables:

The CIB-MF Coordinator will mainly assist the Manager, MF-CIB to implement the CIB-MF component. However, s/he will be responsible to independently undertake some responsibilities with regards to preparing progress reports, organizing meetings, finalizing minutes, conducting dialogue with technical staff at MRA and MFIs and acting as a coordinating person for BFP-B with respect to MF-CIB component.

One of the key responsibilities will be to assist Manager, MF-CIB in the implementation of CIB-MF component according to the Project Document agreed amongst MRA, BB, BFID and DFID.  This will require working closely with Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA), BB and FID to facilitate implementation of CIB-MF operations and its management.

The specific responsibilities will be as follows:

Support project activity planning, implementation and monitoring

  • Support MRA to prepare annual and quarterly activity plans.
  • Review activity plans agreed with MRA and DFID and revise Work Plans, if necessary, in the event that such decisions are made between BFP-B and DFID
  • Maintain regular contact with MF-CIB DMU at MRA during MF-CIB implementation to monitor and ensure that the progress of implementation corresponds with planned implementation.
  • Assist BFP-B Team Leader, and Manager, MF-CIB to identify implementation issues as well as help resolving any emerging problems that may arise during component implementation, through consultation.
  • Assist Manager, MF-CIB in the overall implementation of CIB-MF component according to the Project Document agreed amongst MRA, BB, BFID and DFID.

Support planning and organisation of meetings

  • Assist MRA to organize meetings/workshops of PIU, Technical committee, MFIs, other stakeholders as and when required.
  • Assume proactive role in  organisation of MF-CIB events/MF-CIB launching event by BFP-B.

Prepare documentation and reports

  • Prepare high quality documentation of minutes from the Technical and Implementation Committee meetings ensuring true representation of discussion in the meetings for circulation.
  • Ensure that all minutes include timebound action-points with identified responsible persons, monitor implementation of actions, and report back to Manager, MF-CIB on implementation.
  • Prepare monthly implementation reports for MF-CIB Coordination Meetings among  MRA  BB-CIB representative, BFP-B.
  • Prepare quarterly, monthly, annual and other reports as part of the project reporting requirements and also demand based reports as and when arises, with full quality control check of the Manager, MF-CIB.
  • Assist the Manager, MF-CIB to prepare monthly, quarterly annual component plans and reports in coordination with the BFP-B M&E Coordinator.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Build a strong working relationship with the Deputy Project Director (DPD) of MF-CIB as the DPD will be a key contact person.  
  • Organizing field visits for DFID and stakeholders to witness progress of implementation and assess users’ perspective of MF-CIB, at least once annually.

Knowledge management

  • Work with the BFP-B Communication consultant to prepare communication material for MF-CIB needed to engage targeted national and international audiences through the project website, social and print media channels.
  • Participate and contribute in various meetings, seminars, workshops and discussion meetings related to the CIB-MF component and prepare minutes and produce learning content, if needed.

Educational Qualifications and Experiences:

  • Post-graduate or undergraduate degree in Economics / Finance / Business Administration / Development Studies / Public Policy or any other relevant subject. Post-graduate qualifications are preferred.
  • At least five years working experience in microfinance sector is desirable
  • At least five years working experience in Donor funded development projects
  • Evidence of strong data collection, management and analysis skills using software packages is essential.
  • Experience of reporting and documentation is required
  • Experience in basic administration and logistics is desirable. 
  • Experience of working with the Government of Bangladesh, its agencies, quasi-government, Microfinance Apex and Regulatory bodies (e.g. MRA) is desirable.
  • Knowledge and experience in conducting research and undertaking analytical work is desirable.
  • Strong written and communication skills in English are required.
  • Good interpersonal skills to communicate or to engage in dialogue with different types of stakeholder (colleagues, official in the Government and agencies, MFIs) is essential.   
  • Language skills: Fluency in English and Bengali.

Timeframe: The CIB-MF Coordinator will work full-time in Dhaka from March 2019 up to end of February, 2020 with potential for extension.

Interested candidates are requested to send their CV (in prescribed format) with a one page cover letter justifying their competency for this position to: BFP-B Admin and Finance Manager:

Application deadline: 20th February 2019
Applicants should be available for interview week commencing 24th February 2019

BFP-B offers equal employment opportunity