International development organization is looking for consultants to contribute to value chain/ market system development project in Bangladesh and carry out the following (illustrative) tasks:


1. Agribusiness surveys - Support agribusiness companies (interested in developing their supply chain and sourcing raw materials from farmers) to: a) Identify and analyze the production, harvesting, and post-harvest techniques used by farmers and other market actors; b) identify improved skills farmers need to increase productivity; c) collect information on farmer production and procurement related costs; d) select potential production areas where procurement hubs could be established, etc.

For agribusiness input supply – explore markets and opportunities for new products and services such as smaller pack sizes for crop protection products, commercial inoculants, seed treatments, ICT platforms (call centers), etc.  

2. Business and strategic plan development - Support agribusiness companies to: a) develop business plans for new products and services; b) conduct strategic planning exercises to determine the feasibility of new procurement models, etc.

3. Training and capacity building – Develop capacity (when needed) of agribusiness companies to effectively organize training and promotional events for farmers and intermediaries. Support companies to develop tools such as session plans, practical demonstrations, visual aids and other training materials required to organize successful training and promotion events.

4. ICT in agriculture - Support agribusiness companies to develop and/or monitor Information Communication Technology (ICT) applications that facilitate access to information, sales, and/or procurement with farmers and intermediaries. 

Qualifications - will depend on each of the categories above but will include:

  • Experience/knowledge in agribusiness, agronomy, business/strategic planning, training, and/or ICT
  • Prior experience in private sector management consulting, management of surveys/studies, business advisory/ mentoring services, agribusiness sales or supply chain management is highly desirable
  • Superior interpersonal skills and ability to work with and/or manage teams
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and high level computer skills
  • Bachelors or Master’s degree in related fields (business, agriculture, ICT, etc.) or equivalent private sector experience
  • Minimum five years of relevant experience
Interested candidates should sent CV and cover letter (stating the areas above they feel they are most qualified) via email to: by January 18th, 2019.